We do proper Insurance for Landscaping Contractors

Commonly done insurances:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Plant & Equipment (Excavators, Bobcats etc.)
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Commercial Motor-vehicles (Trucks, Utes)
  • Tools & Property Insurance

With CoverTradie you get

Solid Insurance Cover

Get peace of mind that you & your family are well covered

Affordable Pricing

Save money for the new ute, boat or for financial investments

Great Service

Professional insurance work, done quick and explained in plain English


  • Insurance doubts
  • Getting ripped-off
  • Unpaid claims


  • Clarity of cover
  • Sharp pricing
  • Managed Claims

Insurance Types

Getting insurance with CoverTradie is as easy as…1,2,3

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No Forms to Complete – We do that for you

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Monthly or Annual Payment Options

Many Landscapers find themselves under-insured or spending too much for their insurance. Light weight insurance policies, full of exclusions and inadequate disclosure can become useless at the time of claims even after paying full price.

CoverTradie sets-up your insurance properly so that you save money and prevent under-insurance.

Avoid the costly mistakes that many continue to make even today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Landscaping Insurance?

Landscaping Insurance is a general term relevant to Insurance for Landscaping Business. The most commonly done insurances for landscape contractors are:
– Public Liability Insurance
Tools Insurance
Commercial Vehicle Insurance
– Personal Accident Insurance

Does Landscaping Insurance Coverage include Public Liability Claims?

Public Liability Insurance is one of the insurances that is a part of Landscaping Insurance. Public liability claims brought against Landscape contractors for damage to third party property or personal injury are considered under Public Liability Insurance.

For example: As a Landscape Gardener, you have constructed garden beds that slope the wrong way i.e. towards the house not away from the house. Every time it rains, that water drains towards the home getting inside the wall and damaging the inside of the house. The third party can bring a Public Liability claim against you which has to be lodged under your Public Liability Insurance. Remember, Landscaping Insurance is just a general term, itself its not a type of insurance.

Do you provide multiple Landscaping Insurance Quotes?

Yes, CoverTradie is an independent insurance broker for tradesmen, we are not aligned to any insurer. This means we can provide an independent service that helps our customer in finding the best quotes for their insurance.
As we deal with tradesmen on a daily basis solving their insurance problems, we have a deep understanding of which insurers are competitively priced for which occupation groups. This allows us to get multiple landscaping contractor insurance quotes and help the customers find the right insurance. We will save you money and make sure you are not under-insured.

Which company provides the best insurance for landscape contractors?

Some Landscapers are always looking for the cheapest insurance and they often think cheapest is the best. From our experience we can tell, it’s not always the case.

There are insurers who prefer certain occupations more than others. There are insurers who offer a cheap price but put in a lot of exclusions in your Landscape Contractors Business Insurance which make the policies useless. They are surely to be avoided.

The key to get it right is finding the right policies that offer the right cover and selecting the best premiums amongst them. Claims service also matter of course.

CoverTradie has excellent working relationships with many large insurers and specialist underwriting agencies. We can help you save money and also get properly covered.