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Insurance for Electricians

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Electrical Contractors Insurance

Below we discuss

  • What is it?
  • How much does Electrician Insurance Cost?
  • Some key exclusions that you should keep an eye on.

Let’s start with:

public liability insurance for electricians

Liability risk arises when you are responsible for damage to someone’s property or causing an injury or someone’s death in the course of running your business.

Claim Example

You’ve undertaken a project to re-wire a home, an apprentice didn’t quite do the job that well and registered electrician didn’t check the apprentice’s work.

The loose connection has later on sparked and set off a small fire.

The fire only results in a small damage – a rather good outcome if things are put in perspective because often these types of sparks can result in some serious damage and total losses.

The owner of the property makes a claim against you and this is where your public liability insurance comes in handy.

Electrician Insurance Australia

CoverTradie has been helping with Electricians Insurance Australia wide for many years and we can organise the insurance that is compliant with the local state requirements.

States can have different requirements for insurance for different trades. A good example is QLD Electrical Contractors Insurance.

Insurance for electrical contractors QLD

Electrical contractor public liability insurance requirements in QLD are a little different than they are in the rest of the states.

In Queensland, to be able to get and renew your Electrical License you must have Electrical Public Liability Insurance of at least $5 million along with consumer protection cover of at least $50,000.

This isn’t anything complicated, we do this automatically as soon as we know someone needs to work in QLD as an electrician.

We have done this for electricians in other states that have picked up jobs in QLD and require the extension.

We can organise this for you as we have for many other Electrical Contractors in QLD.

Do Electricians need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance protects a business from financial claims where a business has been found to cause a loss to someone by provision of poor advice or professional services.

If as an Electrician you are engaged in provision of advice for example, checking someone’s work and writing a report, then yes you should have professional indemnity insurance. This is because if you provide incorrect advice (via a faulty report) then you can be sued for losses caused by your report.

In most cases though, if you are changing switches and fixing light fittings you work isn’t likely to be considered as advisory in nature in which case you probably wouldn’t need to have professional indemnity insurance but the best way to know is to discuss with a qualified insurance broker.