We hear it all the time...

"Why does insurance have to be so complicated?"

The simple fact is - it doesn't.

As Tradies, you just want to get on with the job!

When it comes to tradie insurance, you don’t want to get bogged down in endless discussions about how much cover you need for this or that. So, at Cover Tradie, we’ve streamlined the process and cut the red tape while still ensuring you and your business have all the important elements safely protected.

You and your family deserve nothing less!

Affordable Tradies Insurance!

Tradies Insurance - In simple terms.

You need the right cover at the right price while understanding exactly what you’re protected against.
So we'll use non-insurancy language to explain everything you need to know.

We get it!

Why others make it so complicated is beyond us. So call now!

A simple conversation will put you in the picture about the Tradies Insurance you need to protect what's important, your business, your workers, your family & your peace of mind.

Our process to get you the right Tradies Insurance.

Learn about your business & find your insurance needs

Organise multiple quotes from insurers to find the best cover

Managing all the admin and paperwork

Support you at
claims time

Tradies Insurance types that we organise regularly

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Whether you have an insurance related question or need insurance fast, talk to us.

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