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So you have taken the step of being your own boss and run your own business. Like you many others start out as Sole Traders. You’ve got your ABN sorted, your business name and the fancy stationery. What next? You need:

Sole Trader Insurance

Sole Trader Insurance is a general term used by many people but most often they are just referring to Trades Public Liability Insurance.

Something that is going to help the stress of a financial loss due to a claim of property damage or injury to others.

It doesn’t matter if you are operating as a Sole Trader or have registered a company. Many of the risks faced by a company are also faced by Sole Traders. We can help answer your questions if you have any. At a bare minimum, you should consider to have:

Personal Accident Insurance for Sole Trader

As a sole trader, you may not have any workers compensation insurance, your own or under some other business either. But, accidents do happen all the time and injuries prevent people from working and earning.

Personal Accident Insurance for Sole Traders can help maintain your cash flow while you recover.

Tradesman Public Liability Insurance

The purpose of Tradesman Public Liability Insurance is to protect your business against a financial claim in case your work results in damage to someone’s property, an injury to someone or in worst case, someone’s death.

Get The Right Cover, No Matter What Your Trade

Other Trades

Trade Insurance Comparison

Cover Tradie Insurance Brokers are keen to find you the most competitive insurance out there that provides you the cover that you need.

The goal of every customer usually is to do a good Trade Insurance Comparison before making the decision. You can also do that by going from insurer to insurer yourself. Its not rocket science, it just takes time.

Or, you could ask us, with our experience we’ve learnt which insurers to go to and what to look for when setting up policies.

We’d be delighted to help you get just the right insurance for you.

Tradie Insurance Packages

Many people ask us what are Tradie Insurance Packages? 

A business faces many types of risks, such as risks to your property like, stock, office contents, tools of trade, buildings etc. A business also faces other risks of liability to others when you end up damaging someone else’s property or causing an injury to others.

Without going into much detail, a variety of these risks can all be packaged together and insurers over the years provide solutions called business insurance packs. Like any other business, tradies are also exposed to these risks which can be managed. We can help you get:

Public Liability Insurance For Tradies

Tradie Tool Insurance

Tradie Van Insurance


Tradie Car Insurance

Tradie Insurance Australia

No matter what your trade and wherever you are in the country, we can sort out your insurance.

Tradie Insurance NSW

Tradie Insurance NSW

We organise insurance for NSW Tradies, whether you are an Industrial Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter or any other trade for that matter. Unlike Electricians in Queensland and Plumbers in Victoria, there are no special insurance requirements imposed on any trade by government or authorities in NSW. Having said that, you still need to make sure that your insurance has been set up correctly.

Tradie Insurance QLD

Electricians seeking Tradie Insurance in QLD have to have consumer protection cover of $50,000 built into their public liability insurance. Not all insurers do that and there is a huge variation in pricing between those who do offer it. We can help you organise the cover that is compliant and at a good price.

Trades Insurance Perth, WA

Tradie Insurance WA

When we are organising Trades Insurance in Perth, the first question we ask our customers is if they work in the mines or service the mining industry also along with servicing the usual domestic and commercial market. Insurers want to know that to ascertain the risk as not all insurers want to take on mining risk exposure. We’ve got a pretty good understanding of what insurers seek in terms of risk information. We will save you time and money by organising your insurance quickly and effectively.

Tradies Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Tradies Insurance?

When people talk about Tradie Insurance, they often mean Public Liability Insurance. That however is a limited description of Tradies Insurance. In-fact, Tradies Insurance is just a general term for a bunch of insurances that are relevant for any Trades business. We have listed the common ones below:
– Public & Products Liability Insurance
– Tools & Property Insurance
– Commercial Vehicle Insurance (Vans, Utes, Trucks, Trailers etc.) 
– Personal Injury Insurance
– Plant and Equipment Insurance (Excavators, BobCats etc.)
– Contract Works Insurance

What is single most important Insurance for Tradies?

This is a very tough question to answer, its like the old chicken and the egg conversation or maybe Its just like which finger on your hand is most important? Well, there might be one that is longer and stronger than others but collectively they all make a strong fist or a dexterous hand. A hand without a finger is less strong usually than one that’s intact.
We could spend days arguing about this topic and perhaps there’s not enough room in this section so if you would like a long answer to this question, please give us a call, we’d be happy to talk.

Do you do Insurance for Tradie Tools?

We understand how hard it can be to get standalone Insurance for Tradies Tools considering many of the large brokers don’t want to do it because they don’t make much money from it.
We do it and at CoverTradie we understand how important this insurance is for our Tradie mates. Give us a call to get yours sorted.

What is Trades Indemnity Insurance?

One of our handyman client asked us this question not long ago, worried if he needed this professional indemnity insurance. He works for property managers mostly fixing leaky tap washers and tightening door hinges and the obvious answer was, no, he doesn’t need it.
Short answer is that you need professional indemnity insurance when you are giving professional advise for example if you are professionally designing electrical services or you are an architect.  Give us a call if you need to discuss this.

Which Insurer provides the best Tradies Insurance?

This one is a very subjective question. Is it best in terms of price, coverage or claims service.  Where there is no variation in the policy coverage, obviously the lower the price the better it is for the customer. CoverTradie always finds you the cheapest deal unless there is serious service issues from the insurer perspective that we may have experienced.

Every broker will have a different experience with different insurers that why you often hear them say “This insurer pays the claims.” It is important to note though that all insurers have to abide by the rules set by AFCA for any disputes that arise, which means that if there is a dispute and the policy wording has to cover a claim, insurers can’t get away with it. As you broker, we act as the go between anyway. We keep them honest. That’s our job. 

What does Tradies Income Protection Insurance cover?

Trades and Construction have the highest rate of accidents out of all occupations in Australia which is why having the right insurance policy to protect your income is important should you get injured and are unable to work. You can get coverage for weekly and lumpsum benefits if you get injured or get sick. Read more about this here.

Trades Insurance Online vs Trades Insurance Broker: What’s Better?

When making a financial product purchase, people often think whether they should make their insurance purchase online i.e. take the full responsibility yourself that you have made the correct purchase or purchase in consultation with someone like a Trades Insurance Broker.
The answer isn’t straight forward because it depends on a range of circumstances like the size and complexity of your business, your own understanding of financial products in this case General Insurance, your time availability – this has more to do from a headspace perspective.

If you are pretty switched on with the nuances of insurance and know exactly what you need covered, buying insurance can be cost effective. Make sure you know what the exclusions on your insurance are, this is very important for Public Liability Insurance Policies. For example: If you are a Plumber, there often is a height restrictions condition. If you don’t know what that means, then speaking to a Trades Insurance Broker might be a better way to go about because that can save a lot of financial pain down the road.

At CoverTradie, we have the clients best interest at our heart, 100% so would hunt down the best deal for you regardless. We suggest that whilst online purchase may be a cheaper option in the short run, a broker may still be able to find you a pretty compelling deal with full service so don’t discount it all together.