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Frequently Asked Questions about Carpenters Insurance

Can I pay my insurance premium by the month?

Yes, you sure can. When we organise your insurance, you will see the monthly payment option on the invoice and the various methods through which you can pay your insurance.

Types of Insurance for Carpenters?

This is the list of Types of Insurance for Carpenters:

Public Liability Insurance
Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Tools Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance

The above list is not exhaustive but the most commonly taken out insurance policies for carpenters. Depending on the size of your business, you may need many more types of insurances to organise adequate protection for your business.

Is Insurance for Carpentry Business mandatory?

Insurance for Carpenters is not mandatory by law however you will find that your customers will demand that you show them a Certificate of Currency for your insurance policy before they allocate a job to you.

Other businesses that you may work for as a sub-contractor will also ask for your certificate. Whilst not compulsory, market forces demand you have it and it’s a wise decision to get it because the biggest benefit is to you.

Incase your work results in damage to someone’s property or injury to others, your Public Liability Insurance Policy for Carpenters will help you prevent financial loss.

Which insurance company provides the best Carpentry Contractors Insurance?

Some Carpenters are always looking for the cheapest insurance and they often think cheapest is the best. From our experience we can tell, it’s not always the case.

There are insurers who prefer certain occupations more than others. There are insurers who offer a cheap price but put in a lot of exclusions in their insurance contract. They are surely to be avoided.

The key to get it right is finding the right policies that offer the right cover and selecting the best premiums amongst them. Claims service also matter of course.

CoverTradie has excellent working relationships with many large insurers and specialist underwriting agencies. We can help you save money and also get properly covered.