About CoverTradie

Listening to many tradies talk over the years about the complexity of their insurance cover has made us believe there must be a better way.  So we are working closely with all the large & specialist insurance companies to provide a range of simple builders and tradies insurances designed to offer protection for the important things.

Specialising in Builders and Tradies Insurance has its advantages

  • Understanding the specifics needs of builders and tradies.
  • Being able to design insurance programs for their needs.
  • Flexibility.
  • Knowing their work practices so we can offer suitable cover.
  • The ability to adjust policies as a business grows and takes on new staff.

Our clients love this about us.  So much so they are our biggest source of new clients!  That’s right… our existing clients regularly recommend us to their tradie mates.  They figure, if we’ve made their life easier, we can do it for the people working next to them on the same building site.

Leverage our experience

Insurance doesn’t have to be daunting.  With our years of experience in insurance industry, we can remove this feeling because you leave the insurance companies to us.  That’s right – you become our customer so we deal with the insurance companies when it’s time to make a claim.  That’s the service you are paying for and, because our existing customers keep recommending us, well…

we kinda think we’re doing a good job.

So, no matter your trade or business size, we have the experience and expertise to find the right builders or tradies insurance for you.  Give us a call and let’s start making the insurance side of your life easy.

Stay safe,

Amit Verma

Director, CoverTradie