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Many Painters find themselves under-insured or spending too much for their insurance. Light-weight insurance policies with unnecessary exclusions become useless at time of claims even though you’ve paid full price.

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Avoid the costly mistakes that many continue to make even today.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Painting Contractors Insurance?

Painting Contractors Insurance is a general term for a group of covers that help protect your painting business against financial loss due to public liability claims, losses to your assets & your staff. The most commonly done insurances for painters in Australia are:

Public Liability Insurance
Commercial Vehicle Insurance
– Personal Accident Insurance

What does Painting Contractor Insurance cover?

As mentioned above, Painting Contractors Insurance is a general term for a group of insurances. When people ask us this question, they really mean to ask what does Public Liability Insurance for Painters cover? The answer is simple, Public Liability Insurance protects your business against financial loss due to claims of third party property damage or bodily injury.
Think of a scenario, you are at a work site, up on the scaffolding painting the 3rd storey. Somehow a can of paint gets knocked over and drops on the head of another worker at the site causing some serious injury. They can easily sue you for bodily injury and a Public Liability Insurance policy comes handy at such times.