Public Liability Insurance for Tradies

Do you need Public Liability Insurance for Tradies? You've come to the right place. In fact, we specialise in Tradie Insurance and this is the most common type of insurance we organise for Tradies. Everyone needs it. Do you know why? Because...

Public Liability Insurance for Tradies protects your business against financial loss. If as a result of your business activities someone gets hurt or dies or your workmanship results in a financial loss to someone else, Public Liability Insurance comes in handy.

Public Liability Insurance for Tradies is most fundamental insurance that you'll need. We can help, no problems!

Other businesses that you work with, will usually ask for a certificate of currency of your insurance policy before they give you the job. The usual coverage limits are:

  • $5 Million
  • $10 Million
  • $20 Million
With this policy you will end up getting protection against situations like:
  • Slips, falls other injury type incidents caused by your business
  • Damage to property due to your business activities caused by your business
  • Advertising Injury caused by your business.

Talk to Us to learn more about it.

CoverTradie has a range of insurers (big & specialists) on their panel who provide solid cover at very competitive prices for this Public Liability insurance for Tradies. We do free quotes with no obligation to buy.

Who needs Public Liability Insurance for Tradies?

Whether you are a Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber or in any other trade, Public liability insurance for Tradies is a must for anyone operating as a business whether you are a start-up sole trader working on an ABN or a matured business incorporated as acompany with many sub-contractors, you cannot do without this insurance.

What does Public Liability Insurance Cover for Tradies?

There can be many types of claims against which Public Liability Insurance comes handy. These claims may be related to things like:

  • Slips and falls on your premises or at a worksite caused by you
  • Property damage caused to a third party due to your work, like:
  • Faulty plumbing results in water damage to foundations of a building or
  • Faulty electrical work results in a fire burning down a house or
  • Motor mechanic not tightening the wheel fasteners resulting in a crash.

There can be numerous situations unique to your trade that can result in these claims. Public Liability insurance protects you in those scenarios.

How much is the cost of Public Liability Insurance for Tradies?

Fortunately, insurers are competing against each other to win your business keeping the prices in check. It is cheaper than you may think it is. Talk to us to organise obligation free quotes for your business or also happy to take any questions you may have.

Generally, the prices for Public Liability Insurance for Tradies depend on your occupation, the size of your business, how much your turnover is, how many staff and contractors you have and if you have had any previous claims. CoverTradie can get many comparative quotes for any occupation and tradie businesses, that's what we do. We do free quotes with no obligation to buy.


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